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WGT 2021 in Leipzig

The WGT / Wave-Gotik-Treffen 2021 will take place from 21 May - 24 May 2021 in Leipzig

Every year we look forward to a few busy, relaxing days in Leipzig. At Whitsun we meet friends from all over the world and spend a wonderful time with them. After 20 years the concerts are not really important to us. It counts to drink a coffee with him or her, to go out for dinner or to sit at the Victorian with a beer.
All the sadder was the WGT 2020. We still went to Leipzig and also met friends, but so completely without concerts and the black flair is simply missing something.
We hope that it will work out in 2021, hope that the vaccination will go ahead and that we will have a "real" WGT again, even if there will be hygiene concepts. If you don't have an accommodation yet, you can get an overview of the apartments of Holiday flat Leipzig get it. Or directly to the blue, purple or white holiday apartment.

Confirmed bands for WGT 2021

A Split Second (B)

Accessory (D)

Alex Henry Foster (CDN)

Astari Nite (USA)

Basszilla (F/D)

Belgrade (D)

Beyond Obsession (D)

Brandenburg (RUS)

Brutus (B)

By The Spirits (PL)

Cabaret Nocturne (F)

Clan Of Xymox (NL)

Collection D'Arnell-Andrea (F)

Combichrist (N/USA)

Corvus Corax (D)

Culk (A)

Cut Hands (GB)

Death In Rome (AQ)

The Blue Rider (E)

Devil-M (D)

Diodati (D)

Einstürzende Neubauten (D)

Enter Tragedy (D)

Esa (GB)

Firethorn (D)

Funhouse (S)

Radio operator Vogt (D)

Future Song To Us (S)

Girls Under Glass (D)

Haggefugg (D)

Hanging Garden (FIN)

Horskh (F)

Hørd (F)

Irfan (BG)

Jihad (USA)

Contrast (D)

Krayenzeit (D)

L'Âme Immortelle (A)

Lacrimas Profundere (D)

Lacrimosa (CH)

Ljubljana (SLO)

Last Instance (D)

Lights Of Euphoria (D)

Lizette Lizette (S)

Loell Duinn (HR)

Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys (ZA)

Knife (D)

Metal detection dogs (CH)

Minuit Machine (F)

Night Blood (D)

New Days Delay (D)

Night Night (USA)

Noisuf-X (D)

Nosferatu (GB)

Not My God (USA)

Paralyzzer (ex-Paranoid) (D)

Patty Gurdy's Circle (D)

Peter Bjärgö (S)

Psyclon Nine (USA)

Regard Extrême (F)

Enemy of the Reich (D)

Ritual Howls (USA)

S.P.O.C.K. (S)

Schöngeist (D)

She Owl (I)

Shireen (NL)

Skold (S)

Soko Cemetery (D)

Steelman (D)

Storm Seeker (D)

Supericon (D)

Syzygyx (USA)

Tanzwut (D)

Terror frequency (D)

The Devil & The Universe (A)

The Names (B)

The Søciety (GB)

Third Realm (USA)


Trobar De Morte (D)

Fornication (D)

Use Knife (B)

VNV Nation (GB/IRL)

VV & The Void (USA)

Tawny Owl (D)

Xotox (D)

Current information about the WGT 2021

More current information about the WGT, especially about the coronavirus and the realization of the festival can be found here. here on the official homepage

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